This Must Be The Place, John Coffer

A new series of short films by Ben Wu and David Usui of Lost & Found Films exploring the idea of home, what makes them, how they represent us, and why we need them. They began with Byun, a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. But I specifically picked out this one with John Coffer, an individual who left his normal day job to live off his own land in a simple and humble way. Students can pay to visit his workshops just upstate of New York to learn tintype photography, a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a sheet of iron metal that is blackened by painting, lacquering or enameling.

He’s definitely an interesting individual to be around and is very cultured, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go from living in the city to then go out in the country, living off simple means. I think I could do it and I’m sure it would be an enlightening and rewarding experience. Watch on below.