Toby’s Hill From Brown Bread Films

Brown Bread Films bring us the sombre sound of English based group Pengilly in the creation of their latest music video which is titled “Toby’s Hill”. The project was clearly quite a melting pot for creativity as the two collectives settled on the idea of portraying the band as a sort of religious cult, taking inspiration from a sole power hungry leader who wants the others to conform to his way of thinking.

Without getting into the politics of the idea it’s nice to see original ideas popping out of the woodwork, I was really impressed with some of the cinematography in this piece. I’ve seen quite a few works from Brown Bread and I have to say this has to be one of their strongest pieces they’ve put out in my opinion, particularly with the special effects towards the end which leads into a memorable conclusion to the project. Those seeking a little more from this project can find what they’re looking for in the links below.