Twin Parallel By Justin Anderson

Join me as I begin the day with this beautifully crafted project from Independent filmmaker and director Justin Anderson. This project titled Twin Parallel was just the pickup I needed to start the day in a good mood, the piece itself was derived to showcase Jayne Pierson’s collection in a creative and artistic light.

Just so everyone knows I haven’t began to wear women’s clothes, I found I could resonate visually with what Justin had crafted here, his minimal aesthetic and contemporary outlook sat well with me, it’s all very inspiring. The ideals for this piece are constructed around two girls caught in the Twin Parallel, a parallel time shift of the twin paradox theory, with still life, a cuckoo clock and the golden goose girl.

With a captivating concept established Justin went about the edit paying a great amount of attention to detail, the use of non diegetic sound in this short is particularly impressive. It reminds me a lot personally of the soundtrack to Pogleswood towards the end of the piece, which I was subjected to as a child by my father.

Having a browse through Justin’s portfilo of workings I found myself quite refreshed and inspired, If you enjoy this piece here, i’d really suggest heading to his web space too.


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