Van Diemen’s Land Short Film by Rapha

We’ve got a lot of respect for Rapha and I’d like to share them a lot more often than we actually do, I just hate the tug of war that their popularity brings. They deserve their success and it’s great to see the new projects that surface frequently, they are always fantastically filmed and are the perfect dangling carrot to get you back out on your own cycle.

Since nobody seems to have picked this video up as of yet I thought I’d throw our hat into the arena, as it’s one of the best Rapha films they’ve put together in a while. This time around they’ve gone a little quirky on the choice of audio which adds a slice of humour into the mix of beautiful scenery, open roads and a shed load of raw man power that we can always expect from a Rapha film.

You can read more about the actual ride in the video here for those interested, the thing that caught my eye was the filmmaking though, absolutely loving this edit with the moody atmosphere as the reel rolls on. I think it’s about time I stopped typing and you started watching, for more information head over to the Rapha page.


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