Yee-Haw Poster Short

Those who know both of us personally understand that we aren’t big drinkers so naturally it’s pretty rare for us to share drink related projects on the site. However the independent spirt and creative working of Yee-Haw Industries really caught my eye earlier, today they showcase their recent work with Tennessee based giant Jack Daniels in this short film below.

Yee-Haw are known for their traditional philosophy of crafting product in the way that they believe it should be created, for this project they have produced a set of 10 letterpress posters bold in colour and rich in heritage. Personally I just love the process and nostalgia of traditional printing, there does seem to be a lot of vintage presses in use of late which brings a refreshing change from digital.

We get some pleasant acoustics played to us throughout the short providing quite a welcoming atmosphere as we take a tour inside the world of Yee-Haw Industries. The studio seems quite a relaxing place to work which I’m sure makes the long hours and hard graft all the more rewarding, especially when the final product looks so clean, crisp and crafted. Watch below and enjoy.

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