Australian Sensibility – Furniture by Daniel Boddam

Furniture by Daniel Boddam Front 1

It’s intriguing to think that our life influences play a direct role in how we design. Of course, there are small aesthetic tweaks that make a difference visually, but then there are designers such as Daniel Boddam who showcase these influences in abundance and rear their heads in every series.

Collections that stood out to me were the ‘Booham’ and ‘Coast’ series. I am especially fond of the Booham series as this furniture has a so-called “primitive” aesthetic and takes influences from a “modern-tropical” aesthetic. The Coast series sits hand in hand in my opinion, with rounded forms that remind me of smooth pebbles.

This ode to nature is often seen in the Australian design aesthetic. Most of the Australian population lives so close to the coast that I believe this has filtered into the likes of Daniel Boddam’s work. I think this is super impressive and gives all of these pieces a harmonious feel.

It just shows the power of references in the design field and how we can call upon these different points to bring character and sensitivity to our surrounding space. Daniel Boddam has certainly achieved this with his stunning range of furniture.

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