Ceremonies of Making – The Coffee Ceremony by Designer Hugh Miller

It’s great to see young designers turn to age old mediums such as furniture making and ceramics to express their ideas and put their point across. I think many of those in this newer generation are considering the values in such crafts and are starting to look back at these methods to create something of substance and character.

I came across the work of British maker and designer Hugh Miller, a trained architect who was funded to go across to Japan in 2015 to explore craft and design and return with a number of innovative ideas for the UK to benefit from. What came of the trip is a new collection titled ‘The Coffee Ceremony’, which includes some chairs and tables made from solid British elm.

This collection uses the everyday ceremonies of life in Japan as inspiration, with the process of making the furniture and the process of making coffee emerging as the same thing: both being ceremonies of making. I think it’s a great collection that uses elements from both British traditional woodworking and Japanese woodworking, fusing them to make something truly unique and timeless. Here’s a few photos from this series, more are available to see on his website linked below. Enjoy.