Classical and Contemporary – Fafa Furniture Collection by Schneid Design


A few years back when I was attending a furniture course, many of the traits that I like in the field of furniture became quite apparent. I was asked to compile a list of imagery in to a sketchbook, serving as a mood board for furniture that could be hand produced in the workshop. I’ve used the website here as a kind of mood board over the years, but I think it’s different when all of the images are compiled one by one, it gives the furniture a kind of emphasis that they don’t have on a blog format. You start to spot the patterns throughout the range of images.

One thing I noticed was my attraction to simplicity in the wood choice, tending to like lighter colours of wood, or lighter walnut wood with a very natural finish. I was also attracted to the lack of joins, or natural joins, which led to a very simple and fine looking piece of furniture.

When I came across the Fafa table by designers Julia Mülling and Niklas Jessen, straight away it pulled me in. It’s made using that natural ash wood and a clear lacquer to finish, it’s also classical in construction but contemporary in appearance. This is just one piece of furniture that comes in two variants, square and round, but I’d also recommend hopping on over to their portfolio. Not only do their brand Schneid produce furniture, they also design lighting which are really elegant and modern.