Crafting A New Vision – Wood Furniture by Atelier Cedric Breisacher

It’s rare to come across a designer with a sensibility that’s so natural and flowing. I think when we’re young much of this originality is driven out of us, possibly through our need to find stability and control in our lives, or other factors that surround us as we age. French designer Cedric Breisacher has mastered this youthfulness in his collection of wood furniture that are wonderfully carved and showcase all the beauty present in this natural material.

Cedric has placed a strong focus on fluid design, preferring to not break the form or distract the eye. Combine this with his keen eye for shaping there’s a sculptural feel to these works, which also links to his strong interest in sculpture itself. There’s some obvious crossover between his study with Valentin Loellmann, a fellow furniture designer, but there’s definitely more of a regard for the handcrafted techniques, not covering the material with any kind facade or adornment.

Some inspiration appears to be the art nouveaux movement in the 19th century, which were mainly hand carved pieces of furniture that featured very flowing, dramatic design elements. On the other hand there’s an edited look that makes these work in a cohesive manner, whether that’s the aesthetic or the natural material I’m still not sure, but I think we can all be inspired by Cedric’s inner child-like spirit that has seen him produce this archetypal furniture that maybe we dreamed of a child.