Crafting Modernism – The Convento Furniture Collection by Andreu Carulla

I’ve seen a strong movement towards more minamalist designs in new, techologically ground breaking materials. Sounds exotic on the surface, but dig deeper and there’s a sense of humanity that’s being taken away from these objects. If there’s something I would like to challenge up and coming designers with it would be to see if they can balance this modernity with the much needed traditional elements. Applying this design ethos and not sucking away the human touch creates a whole different atmosphere around a product, especially when it comes to furniture.

For this reason I latched on to this project by Andreu Carulla, a Spanish designer who is looking to explore materials and “old-school” techniques. This constant exploration has led him to adapt his Bernardes Collection design for the Japanese market, elevating the details of the original and giving the chair and lounge chair completely different personalities

Not to take away from the Bernardes Collection, which I really liked, I found the warmth in the wood and the different colours in this new collection titled ‘The Convento’ to bring a whole new meaning to these works. There’s something really homely about them that makes them even more functional, you are just enticed to sit down and relax. Andreu’s childhood dream was becoming an inventor, maybe now he is on a slightly different path but in reality is still able to fabricate his ideas and bring them to physical fruition. I hope you like these and will view more on his website linked below. Enjoy.