Crafting New Aesthetic – Chairs & Tables by Fomu Furniture

Melbourne has always been on the cutting edge of a new aesthetic. With so much youth in the city and a vibrant art scene it’s obvious to see the reason why. The aesthetic itself is a little harder to pin down but I definitely see the close proximity to Asia, especially Japan, as an obvious reference point for many craftsmen who are based in Australia. You also have the oneness that many Australians feel with nature surrounding them. Place the two together and, in my eyes, you have a winning combination.

It was fitting then that I would come across the work of Fomu founded by Andrew Beveridge and Gabrielle Beswick. When I read on their bio and saw that they’re originally from Tasmania the picture came together and their design philosophy made even more sense to me. The “Melbourne influence” can definitely be seen here, possibly thanks to Gabrielle’s background in fashion, but you can also sense that they are drawing heavily from Tasmania and the beauty that resides on this small island.

The ‘Odie Chair’ was a particular standout for me as it was inspired by modern gallery spaces. I liked the idea of using one piece for the back rest combined with two front legs that jut out as there’s a modernist vibe with a consideration for saving material through simplicity. In fact, many of the other works also follow a similar style with a once-piece element and another section that contrasts this.

I’m certainly inspired by Fomu’s creative spirit and definitely appreciate their combination of functional design mixed with considered handicraft. It’s going to be exciting to see what else this duo produce in the near future. See more of their work by heading on over to their portfolio linked below.