Creative and Colourful – Metal Furniture by American Creative Eric Tine

Many furniture designers these days really struggle to find that little gap in the market where they are able to create interesting, functional pieces of furniture that have their own stamp and style. Part of the reason is because the market is flooded with so many designs it becomes very difficult to have your work stand out amongst the rest. I think I was drawn to Eric Tine’s work as he has a clearly defined style and he’s been able to run with it, working in metal and using a mixture of bright colours to his advantage.

Eric is based in Southern California where he set up his studio in 2013 that focuses on furniture and product design for the home, making clean and simple works that have a playfulness about them. One part of Eric’s story that I enjoyed reading was that he discovered his interest in furniture purely by accident. Moving to his first apartment with his wife in 2008 he discovered a passion for DIY. This later turned in to projects for friends and the whole thing snowballed and made him go off and study craft and design in Portland, Oregon in more detail and when returning to California set up his own company.

He describes his aesthetic through one question: “What if Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, and David Hockney were surfing buddies?”. A very funny concept but one that I can see elements of in his work. The colours and shapes of these artists and designers all intertwine to make an interesting series of furniture that are aesthetically pleasing but handcrafted like sculptures. More can be seen on his website linked below.