Deconstructed & Reconstructed – Experimental Furniture by Ryo Chohashi


It’s quite rare, but some creatives just have that flair and individuality which means that it’s really hard to put them in any sort of box. This time I picked out some fantastic work by Ryo Chohashi, a Japanese designer whose experimental twist in the field of furniture is really something to admire. Born in Kanagawa, and graduated from the woodworking course at Musashino Art University, he now makes special additions that combine both new and old, amalgamating the two to make designs that are individual and thought provoking.

As a creative myself I’m trying to hone in on the details and find all the little elements that other people may miss, such as where the joints are, how the material has been treated, and the construction methods used. Having pieces of furniture that have been constructed in this way makes you see a lot of the sections that you wouldn’t of otherwise.

Here’s some stools, chairs, tables and benches, the legs on the stools for example have been replaced and considered in the design process. One that’s particularly impressive is the Branch Chair (seen in the picture underneath this text), which is a combination of walnut and oak that’s combined in to one chair. Not only is this bold, this is extremely hard to do and get right as a craftsman, I think the final result is quite stunning. Enjoy.