Dieter Rams Re-Engineered 621 Side Table by Vitsoe


I’m quite attached to my Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System. Designed by Dieter Rams in 1960, this functional shelving system is a fantastic addition to any living environment. I own a few shelving combinations myself and it’s become an integral part of my studio, I also use the shelves as a backdrop for product photography. I must admit these shelves are investment pieces, but the positives are that they can be moved around and adapted depending on the space that you have at hand. For example, I’m desperate for extra book space so I have a few ideas up my sleeve in regards to shelf configuration.

Dieter Rams is known for this ‘universal’ concept in most of his furniture designs, and these 621 side tables are no different. What I like is the simplicity of the 621, how the tables can almost vanish and blend in with any room. It’s not like they’re trying to stick out or attract unwanted attention. Plus, they are the perfect backdrop for beautiful objects, which is one of the reasons why I use the shelving for a number of the product shots in the shop. As you can see in the pictures here the table can be turned on its end and will slide over most sofas, perfect for eating or reading. The multi-purpose aspect is what’s most appealing to me, and is the same reason why I was drawn to the 606 Shelving System.

The side tables were made as a companion product to the 620 Chair which was designed by Dieter Rams in 1962. Although the 621 was produced up until the late 1980’s, the addition of adjustable feet has satisfied Rams’s wishes as this was never added to the original table design. It’s great to see progression like this, even to this day Dieter regularly updates his products. Spending his lifetime using and engaging with his own designs to better them. You also have to congratulate Vitsoe who have invested heavily in their research of materials and development of production methods, with these small tables now being injection-moulded in Britain (an achievement in itself!). The side tables should be available to purchase at the end of the month, to keep up to date I’d recommend subscribing to the Vitsoe newsletter via their website below.









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