Eames: The Architect and The Painter

This short trailer, which can be watched below, is just the beginning of what’s going to be a very successful film on American designers Charles and Ray Eames. The piece is titled ‘Eames: The Architect and The Painter’ which provides us with a candid view of the inner lives of the two great artists as they helped share their innovation with the world. It’s probably the nearest that we’ve ever got to behind the scenes and looks to feature some great footage of the couple and also some fun photographs from inside the studio with fellow colleagues.

One thing I love about both of these designers is their willingness to get creative. They were never bound by one loophole and wriggled in every way possible to express their inner feelings and thoughts. Through all the genuine and honest mistakes that one has to go through as a designer, they really have unveiled some exceptional creations which have helped push the course of design on the whole and have sadly only recently come to light as being fantastic pieces of functional design.

Obviously a lot of people are going to be really inspired by this documentary type film and will be interested to hear what’s said, I’m sure you can make up your own mind whether you will like it or not by watching the trailer below. All I know is that I’m definitely going to watch this as it looks well-crafted and very insightful, for more information I would recommend hitting the link below to see where this will be screened.


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  • LushPad

    LOVE the photo of Charles high fiving Ray on the stairs. I’ve been to visit the Eames house and it hasn’t changed at all from these photos. Can’t wait for the documentary to come out.

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