Furniture and Interiors by Christian Woo


Today I would like to showcase the work of a designer who thoroughly understands contrast: Christian Woo. Christian started his own company in 2006 in Vancouver, BC, and now collaborates with architects and clients across North America. He offers his services as a custom cabinetmaker as well as making furniture for various retailers. Christian was originally inspired to pursue woodworking by his Grandfather’s love of craft, and displays his aptitude for detail in his furniture and interiors. All of Christian’s work is decidedly precise, using FSC-certified hardwood, German hardware, and internal joinery. Naturally, it is all made by hand – all the way to the oil finish.

Each of his creations simultaneously possess striking boldness and a level of restraint, and thus, achieving balance. Japanese and Scandinavian influences in his work are readily apparent, especially in pieces such as the “Platform Bed”, and interiors like the “Howe Sound Residence.” His use of color in the “Covert” series is also interesting. Although there is a current trend circulating of using saturated colors in combination with neutrals, Christian’s work does not seem faddish. There is intentionality how and where these colors are used, resulting in an electric focal line, emphasizing the horizontal aspect of the pieces.

In addition to color, Christian achieves boldness through his opaque forms. Beautiful hardwood is a key element in his work and he lets it become the focus through strong, basic forms. When looking at his stools and cantilevered side table, I cannot help but think of Brutalist wonders such as Decio Tozzi’s monument in Villa-Lobos Park. But again, the weight and thickness of the forms are balanced with their refined finishes and sound construction.

Christian Woo is a craftsman, attuned to detail. A full look through his website is highly recommended.

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