Furniture and Objects at City Furniture

Wow, I’ve been having an incredible time this morning searching through the City Furniture website. It’s an online design gallery specialising in 20th century furniture, they also sell other objects such as lighting and ceramic works, if you’re lucky enough you can even catch some art/sculpture in the shop.

Although I couldn’t find too much information on these guys it’s actually based in Belgium with every item being sold through the internet, which is something I find quite fascinating. Usually these sort of places have a gallery of some sort to showcase the pieces, also since they’re quite pricey people want to see them in person, but it seems like with City Furniture it’s purely online. Luckily for them though they do a fantastic job at photographing each object and showcasing all the finer details, above and below you can see just a small selection of my favourite items. They made it really hard to choose since they’ve got 11 pages of furniture and many other objects to look through.

Mainly the furniture pieces stood out when I was browsing through the selection, one set in-particular is the early Saarinen for Knoll dining chairs that were produced in the late 1950’s (seen below). These ones are pretty quirky because they have the shorter bent wood walnut legs that make them look out of proportion but have that added extra character in my opinion. I’m also a big fan of the Børge Mogensen dining chairs from the Øresund Series (last image) dated 1955. They come with woven paper cord seats with the frame being made completely out of oak, produced by AB Karl Andersson & Söner, Sweden. I’ve always loved Mogensen and his work and this just seals the deal, great stuff!

So if you’ve got some spare time today, which I’m sure you will have on the last day of the working week, why not take a stroll across to the City Furniture website. You may be there for a little while so get your mouse and hand ready, there may be a lot of clicking.


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