Gauzak Furniture Collaboration with Quattria

Today I came across this brilliant design studio named Gauzak and their furniture that they’ve been designing for Quattria, a company that sells and produces contemporary objects. Gauzak is actually made up of three individuals, Leire Pérez, Juan Tomás Carboneras and Arkaitz Arco, all of which specialise in product and industrial design. These young creatives got together with Quattria to produce a set of furniture that could sit in the household and be truly functional, what came out of the collaboration was really something special in my opinion. I’ve not seen much design lately from young designers that fits the functionalist and minimalistic approach, most of the time it’s from designers of the past, but this small capsule collection really surprised me.

First up we have a a piece that serves its purpose as a magazine rack and a coffee table at the same time. It’s titled MARC and has a glass top which slides over the top rails of the table and the cross bars can be used to hold magazines, quite a smart idea if you ask me. This also goes nicely with the other magazine rack named JORGE which is light and that has a natural leather handle on top, each side holds books and publications. Both of these remind me of a few famous designers, Marcel Breuer in particular who had a habit of using steel for his coffee tables, so this sort of goes hand in hand. Also the single rack reminds me of Carl Auböck but in a bigger form, the black metal which is bent in quite a symmetrical way looks like one of his smaller objects that the studio still produces.

Overall some top quality pieces which aren’t bad price wise either. The MARC coffee table comes in at 300 Euro and the JORGE magazine rack at 80 Euro, considering the size and functionality of each you can’t go that wrong with these two pieces. The umbrella stand is also a nice piece and would be perfect for the hallway or office. Although I’ve been neglecting young and current design as of late I’m hoping to get back into it a bit more and keep myself updated with the ongoings. Sometimes the current works can be a bit too futuristic in my eyes, hopefully this will get you inspired today and maybe you can draw something up yourself.

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