Haley Chair by Alexander Rehn


Yesterday I received my new Aalto stool, this time I went for the classic Stool 60 which has three legs and comes in the standard wood (I find this more authentic and original looking). I’m hoping to invest in something more substantial at a later date, possibly an office chair for work, which means it would get a lot of use! Something that’s come up after a discussion with another individual is the category of outdoor furniture, which isn’t something that gets talked about all too often. To be honest, it’s probably because we don’t use outdoor furniture as much here as in other countries, so you’ve only got a small window space to use these goods. Obviously, this makes the furniture unusable for half the year and wastes a hell of a lot of space.

The concept I was thinking about was to design a chair that was multi-functional and that could serve a purpose outside in the summer months and inside in the winter months. Don’t get me started on how this might work, it’s just in the planning phase. Jasper Morrison has made various pieces of outdoor furniture in the past for Kettal, so maybe I’ll use some of those as inspiration to inform my decisions and get some practical ideas. One chair that I thought captured the concept of adapting to both indoor and outdoor scenarios, potentially, is the Haley series by German designer Alexander Rehn produced for Goin.

Alexander studied interior architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and focused solely on furniture design in 2010. Last year he founded his own design studio and is working to find ground breaking and innovative solutions in the field of space and furniture design. This specific series consists of a barstool and a chair, and has been designed to serve primarily as outdoor furniture for the gastronomy trade. The shaping is made possible thanks to the use of expanded metal (mesh) on the shell, this makes the pieces flow and have resistance, as well as giving the chair an ‘industrial’ looking aesthetic. Overall I like these pieces and think it’s a bonus that these are stackable and durable overall, they’d look fantastic both inside and out.