In Order of Appearance Exhibition by Jackson

Have you been looking for some furniture inspiration? I have to admit we’ve been slacking on the furniture front, we barely came across anything last week and I’ve been on the lookout myself. Regular checking spots include Artek, Fritz Hansen and Carl Hansen, obviously there are multiple shops and auction sites as well, they all add into the mix. One thing I don’t see all that often though is any videos of these pieces and how they look outside of the studio, it’s very frustrating when all the photos are just taken in the studio with a plain white background, it makes them all look so lifeless. I like to see them in the environment that they’re supposed to be placed, more lifestyle shots as well which I think show the real possibilities of the how the furniture can be used as both a functional objects and also how it blends in with it’s surroundings. This is always very important.

Unfortunately I’ve jumped a bit too late on this specific video that I’m showcasing today, it’s a short film produced by Jacksons in Sweden and Berlin who specialise in the best of Scandinavian and international vintage design, mainly focusing on Scandinavian classics. The gallery/shop sells many different categories, ceramics, lighting, textiles for example, but I would say one of their main groups is furniture. I’ve always known about their website and their extensive collection but I didn’t know anything about the stores that they own and how they’ve been putting together some of the best exhibitions out there on the likes of Finn Juhl and Bruno Mathsson. Shame on me! To commemorate a recent exhibition titled ‘In Order of Appearance’ they’ve produced a film to showcase the interior of the space and how they’ve used it to showcase 20th century furniture, with the idea being that they create tensions between each pairing alongside each other. It shows important design classics and rare examples which changed the chair industry for the better, they also analyse the form and proportions of each piece to reveal new information on the designers and their innovative approach to design.

Curated by Ilke Penzlien, it looks like a great place to visit and I’m sure the staff are very knowledgeable, so you could definitely learn a lot. Like I said above, it’s a shame I didn’t get on this a tad quicker because unfortunately this exhibition in Berlin is now over, well it will finish at the end of July, but I’m sure they’ll still have some items knocking around for inspection. You should get yourself down there if you can. For now admire the video below as it silently guides you through the likes of the cantilever chair and the PK 11 designed by Poul Kjærholm, admire the details.