Mario Dal Fabbro Sculptures

I have to say, when I came across these sculptures by designer, writer, craftsman and sculptor Mario Dal Fabbro they really did blow me away, I took an instant liking to them. I also enjoyed the imagery and close-up details, all of which were taken by Maison Gerard where they’ll be holding an exhibition and opening reception in New York on the 22nd of February and will be open to the public from the 23rd of February to the 30th of March, 2012.

As I started to delve into the life of Mario Dal Fabbro a few things stuck out about his life in general, not just how he lived but also his creative side. He’s a pretty extraordinary fellow that was born in Treviso, Italy, to a family of furniture-making craftsmen. He trained as a sculptor in the belief that “beauty could be conferred even to implements of everyday life”, but he wasn’t only confined to sculpture as he also took an active role in his family’s furniture business. This meant he could experiment with all sorts of design and construction. A common feature that seems to exist in a lot of the individuals that we explore on the blog is the interest in gaining knowledge and empowering their brains. Mario was no different and liked to study modern materials and new technologies that he could use in his work, he then wrote about these to document his finds.

Unsurprisingly, Mario worked quite closely withs lots of different furniture companies throughout his career, one popular mention would be the design firm Knoll. But by 1968 Dal Fabbro decided to dedicate himself full-time to sculpture, applying his manual skills, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of wood to create these works that you can find below and on the Maison Gerard website. I find his sculptures incredibly satisfying on the eye and and very fluid in their form, it’s amazing and rare to see such freedom in an artists work.

I found a nice quote by Mario who describes his work in an eloquent way, I think it sits quite nicely with this piece that I’ve written. I’ll leave this just underneath, for now have a browse through my personal favourite objects and check out the Maison Gerard website on the link below for much much more. You’d be crazy to miss out on it!

“My preoccupation with sculpture is not with the volume and mass per se, but with the lines that delimit and circumscribe them. My goal is to represent spatially the complexity of profiles, the dimensions of forms which constantly seem to rearrange themselves in space and set themselves between the empty space and the concrete form.” – Mario Dal Fabbro

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