Mathieu Matégot Works Photographed by Cédric Buchet

I decided we’d start the week with a little blast of design inspiration from the past, visiting the work of multi faceted designer Mathieu Matégot who today presents us with these clean cut and minimal pieces of furniture. Yes, once again I’ve brought across an individual that no longer graces this earth, however I found this series really inspiring and I thought we should all celebrate Mathieu’s creations rather than tuck them away somewhere and forget about them.

Born in 1910 in Hungary, Mathieu studied Architecture at Budapest’s school of fine art before later emigrating to France which he would call home for the majority of his life. He is remembered by many as one of the most renowned designers from France in the 1950’s having obviously taken large influence from the modernism movement which had boomed in the decades he was growing up in.

A little later on having volunteered for the French Army at the start of world war II, Mathieu was captured and made to work manufacturing mechanical accessories which would later feed his creative mind once he was freed. Combining his influences growing up with his new found love in working with metal Mathieu embarked on a career as a furniture designer.

More than anything I think Mathieu’s story is one that teaches us that no matter how hard life may get, if you let it, being creative can set you free and liberate you from your demons. It’s really refreshing when you find something visually that catches you in awe at a glance, then later reveals an even more inspiring story about the individual that created it. For me, a really great start to the week – hopefully you’ll agree too and will make this week a good one.