Mixing Methods – Profil Furniture by Polish Designer Wojtek Tomaszewski

I suppose one of the great things about having this platform to share content is the fact that I can go through and pick older works and talk about them. Many of the new publications are biased towards new content as they feel they are up to date and relevant, I can see their point but my preferences have nothing to do with this way of thinking. I look to pick works that can and will stand the test of time, as well as those that are creatively compelling for us to get inspired by. Today I wanted to pick designer Wojtek Tomaszewski and showcase his collection called “Profil”.

Wojtek Tomaszewski is a Polish industrial designer who believes in creating sustainable products and experiences that will improve our everyday life. The Profil furniture collection is special in the regard that it looks to sustainability in mass production, using different methods of moulding plywood and structural components that could replace solid wood. This process here involves laying down veneer leafs parallel to their wood grain to achieve a rigid profile that can take heavy loads.

Technicals aside, the look of this furniture is modern and unique thanks to the seperated plywood legs that are bent around. I also like the solution that he made for the top of the stool, three segmented metal elements that break up the clean lines and add a lightness to the piece. Here are a few pictures from this collection but more can be seen on his website below. I reccomend looking through his work as he has pictures showing inside his sketchbook, always inspiring to see, and other projects that have a similar vibe to the work here. Enjoy.