New Feature: Interview with Mira Nakashima

We are excited to return with out interview format today, as it’s a section of the platform we’ve missed being involved with given the fact we get the opportunity to connect with so many aspirational individuals. It’s had to take a bit of backseat if we’re honest as we’ve looked to move the site forward on another evolution. I promise this break has been more than worthwhile however as it’s freed up time for Mark to slave away on a beautiful new website that I can’t wait to be released, it really is quite something.

This won’t be reaching your screens just yet, but in the meantime I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with todays entry into the archive: Mira Nakashima artistic director of one of the worlds leading bespoke furniture makers, and daughter of the late, famous designer George Nakashima. The Nakashima studio remains a place where ethics come before income and a slower more organic way of working ensures their classic aesthetic continues on what George started.

As you can see through the image above, the studio was kind enough to offer us access to a handful of personal family photographs, many of these left us longing to visit the showroom in New Hope, Pennsylvania which hopefully one day we will get to see for ourselves. Why not head across to the feature now and see what you think of our conversation with Mira, whilst we ponder if and when a visit is possible. Enjoy!

Read our interview with Mira Nakashima here.