Philippe Starck Furniture Design for the Royal Monceau Hotel

For a little while now a good majority of my posts have been admiring a completed project, so I felt it was time to revisit more process of design with this short film which follows the work of French creative Philippe Starck. The film starts with two gentlemen fabricating one of Philippe’s custom designs in a quaint little studio found in Paris. Later the pair meet up with Philippe and we hear a little more about the difficulties the team encountered in implementing initial design ideas.

The most difficult task for any designer is to find the balance of both beauty and function, so it’s not too surprising to hear the team ran into some issues putting together their first prototype. Although on the face of it their design looked pretty eye pleasing, it held little strength in it’s structure so it was back to the drawing board. Thankfully the team reached a happy medium in the end creating what I think is a really eye-catching piece of furniture, which looks super comfortable too may I add.

There seems to be a great deal more interest in the provenance of a product in recent times, which I think can only be a good thing for design in general. Philippe and the team have taken this point on board and have opted to go down the handcrafted root, stitching naturally tanned leathers together to form a chair which is going to fair pretty well as time passes by. The level of craftsmanship in this chair is really quite impeccable as you will all see once you hit play. Hopefully each of you will enjoy what I think is a rather captivating morning watch, for more info click the links below.

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