Refined Minimalist Lines – Furniture Series by Studio HAOS

To achieve harmony in all the different areas that make up a great piece of design is no mean feat. Furniture in particular has so many unique elements that it seems as though it would almost be impossible to create a cohesive look that could span a whole collection. That’s why I admired this series of furniture by Paris-based studio HAOS founded by Sophie Gelinet and Cedric Gepner in 2017.

Their goal is to create objects that feel both contemporary and timeless. Here they have used natural materials, looking to sculptural and minimalist forms to produce this armchair and table. I’m getting a mixture of styles coming through, from mid-century to brutalist, they sure look stunning in the pictures and will no doubt be centrepieces in any room.

I like that both Sophie and Cedric work closely with French craftsmen to achieve their designs. Handling as much of the creation process themselves, from the first sketches to sourcing materials. Most designers these days are having to compromise with all the different hands involved in making the work, so it’s impressive to see such a get-up-and-go attitude from this duo. Studio HAOS is a studio I will certainly be watching for the future.