Selection of Furniture from Superfolk

I’m not sure how popular Makers and Brothers has become, but personally I’ve really enjoyed seeing their vision unfold as they bring the world Irish made objects that are simple, beautiful and sometimes very quirky. If you’ve not made a visit to their web shop yet I’d really recommend making the click across soon. Their store is actually how I came across the designers we’re sharing here today, “Super Folk” who are a Dublin based independent design studio with a range of items available at Makers and Brothers.

Initially it was this Earthenware Mug of theirs that caught my eye, but whilst browsing across Superfolk’s webpage I became increasingly attracted to this wooden furniture which would look great around my home. The stools we have here come in a range of three sizes and are loosely based on the ad hoc tradition of Irish Vernacular furniture. Super Folk pride their work off a foundation of sustainability, so the majority of their wood is locally sourced in Ireland which is rather commendable in this day and age.

I liked the fact that you are given the option of connecting these stools to one another like we see in the top image, the team explain on their website that they live in a small apartment so when it came to designing these items they kept the sizing at the forefront of their minds. The table is just large enough to be used for a family meal and is also a good size for a desk for the studious amongst us. Those stools could be easily tucked away around the home or in cupboards too if you are limited by floorspace also.

I’m glad they’ve kept the design here down to a minimum and I really liked the subtle branding of their logo, it’s a classic touch. I’ve been enjoying their approach to product design since I discovered the studio so like the folks at Makers and Brothers I’ll be keeping an interested eye on how things are developing, I suggest you do too!