Seven Möbelstücke by Herbert Schultes Design


I’ve been admiring some of these fantastic forms by designer Herbert Schultes, it just goes to show that going back to basics really does work. It also seems that I’ve been drawn to work that has been a collaboration between craftsman and designer, maybe it’s my brain hinting that I should do something like this myself. The concept of this specific collection is to make common things out of wood, both Herbert Schultes and carpenter Friedrich Reich, who makes this furniture with his own hands, had been questioning how much longer nature can get a long with plastic. So the obvious route was to turn to something natural, and use only this material to create the desired form in mind.

Whether furniture is just the first part of the project I’m not sure, but it would be great to see this work in a full-fledged collection. Herbert Schultes was head of design at Siemens AG for 15 years, he also spent 20 years designing system kitchens for the bulthaup company. Joiner Friedrich Reich was a teacher for sports and mathematics before he discovered his love for woodworking, since then he has pursued a career in furniture making. Although the collection is pretty basic at its core, but their intent is to develop a new way for wooden objects to be produced using modern digital production methods. Not only that, this has to be economical for small runs, taking the word “mass-produced” out of the equation. As with any design brief, the small table, large table, desk, chair, two stools and a bread case had to be made in such a way that it could be adapted to modern machinery in the future. So Herbert and Friedrich stripped back the elements of the chair and used only what was crucial to the sitting experience. The character comes through thanks to the thickness of the material and the bevel joints, making the pieces of wood run in to each other, rather than broken up in to different segments.

Seven Möbelstück (meaning Seven Furniture in German) can be purchased directly through the Herbert Schultes Design website, I’d certainly love to get my hands on some of these! I decided to pick out some of my favourite photographs from the his portfolio and showcase them here for you to admire, I’ll certainly be using these as inspiration for a future project of mine. Enjoy!