Short Film on “The Chair” by PP Mobler

I’ve been sitting on this project for a while now so I have apologise somewhat, as I’m sure many of you are eager to see PP Mobler putting together Hans J Wegner’s design of “The Chair”. I’ve been debating with myself whether the film quality was on a par with everything else we’ve previously shared here, but in all honesty I think this project is worthy of being an exception to the rule, as we have a bit of a soft spot for this designer here.

As you will soon see we’re literally taken from the origins of “The Chair” to it’s finalised stage, beginning in the forrest with a collection of beautiful fallen Oak trees that were planted by British settlers over 200 years ago. Mr Wegner and PP Mobler found out about this fantastic resource and went about gathering these in aid of putting together what would become the classic design that is the pp503 chair.

This creation really does optimise the design ethos of the designer which is why I think many of us cherish this piece so much, it’s so simple and elegant yet such technical work has gone into getting it to this stage. Wood turning really fascinates me as many of you will already know, which is why the creation of the back and arms of the chair was the most enjoyable section for me. A technique the studio have been using since 1984 they have a dedicated machine which perfects the form and weight of the key components.

This being said for the most part the chair is formed in unison with the work of a skilled craftsman, you couldn’t get the same character and form without both machine and man. This really is the go to video if you’re inspired by modernism, furniture, craftsmanship or Hans J Wegner, I think it’s about time you gazed your eyes down and marvelled at this iconic design being put together.

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