Sourcing from the Past – Furniture by Stephen Tierney & Nicola Haines

When I look at the work of most architecture firms you usually see ultra modern builds with sleek lines and contemporary interiors. As you scan across the other work that they’ve produced you tend to see this similar style mimicked through the furniture and objects that they’ve also designed. It’s fine but you often don’t see any kind of contrast between the architecture and the other objects that are designed. As well as that, architects can be stuck in the mode of using high tech materials that have no human element.

That’s why when I came across the work of architect firm Tierney Haines, owned by Stephen Tierney and Nicola Haines, their portfolio really intrigued me. I think their project is unusual because of their backgrounds and interests. For example, Stephen Tierney studied the history of art and later studied architecture, Nicola Haines on the other hand studied architecture and has an advanced certificate in horticulture with the RHS. All of these different interests lead to a really well rounded portfolio.

Not only are the gardens and foliage part of the architecture and make for a beautiful setting, the furniture was also another facet that intrigued me. They have tended to use traditional joinery and craftsmanship as inspiration for the designs. They’re really beautiful so I wanted to present a few of them here, more can be seen on the link below. Enjoy.