Studio Snng – Shelving, Tables and Chairs by Designer Shengning Zhang

I always get excited by modular furniture and the possibilities of using stacked elements to achieve functional solutions that can stand the test of time. These functional pieces of furniture are probably the hardest to make, as you have to consider not only the functionality of one object but also how it works cohesively as a set.

This work by Studio Snng, which is based in Brooklyn, New York is really great and is full of creativity. Founded by Shengning Zhang, some of the solutions that he’s come up with are really intriguing. I was especially fond of the Miro Dining Table which is a nod to Joan Miro’s curved shapes. The centre of the table features a hidden compartment which can be flipped and reveals a storage compartment within.

Another piece that caught my eye was the wedge shelving. It’s a knock-down shelf system that doesn’t require any hardware and can be locked together with the provided wood wedges. This is exciting because it’s using only natural materials and creates a piece of furniture that’s visually appealing. Here’s a few of my favourite images from the portfolio, more can be seen on the link below. Enjoy.