We do Wood Furniture, Denmark

Today I decided to pick up this brilliant imagery from the We do Wood website, a Danish furniture company established in 2006 by two cabinetmakers and designers Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen. Apart from the fact that they design really beautiful furniture with that distinct Danish look, these guys are really focusing in on sustainable design and are looking to create functional furniture that has respect for the environment. I think this is very admirable and also achievable in any design field. It still surprises me to this day how big companies get away with manufacturing packaging and products that don’t conform to certain environmental standards, why should everything end up in landfill?

But Henrik and Sebastian not only make a quality product which is crafted with love and care, that will stand the test of time with a long lifespan, but also look to use environmentally responsible materials. For example they use bamboo as it’s the world’s fastest growing evergreen species of grass and they can grow it naturally which doesn’t damage other wildlife using insecticides of fertilisers. The products they make are also pretty innovative like the Correlations bench which doesn’t use any hinges or handles, just sliding wood which each element glides across. I also really enjoyed the chests that they’ve produced which can be stacked and placed in different positions which means it’s highly functional and also adapts to different rooms and surroundings.

I think this whole concept brings up an important question in design, can we match aesthetics with ethics? Hopefully in the near future bigger corporations and companies will take this on board but for now it all starts with us independents at the bottom of the chain. Hopefully this imagery from their showroom will wet your appetite, if you’d like to go into more detail on each piece of furniture I’d highly recommend heading towards their website via the link below. They’ve also got a number of stockists across the world if you’re interested in purchasing a piece for either your workplace or home.