Working as One – Bespoke Furniture by Japanese Craftsman Iinuma Katsuki

Traditional Japanese carpentry has always been held in high regard. The ability to craft without nails is certainly spellbinding, going with nature rather than against. For me, the complexity in the joints contrasted with the simplicity in the design is inspiring and fascinating at the same time. Take these pieces by Japanese bespoke furniture maker Iinuma Katsuki for example, a craftsman currently located in Gifu, a city in central Japan.

Hidden beneath the simple parallel lines are some unique techniques. Using the skills passed down to him Iinuma has been able to craft contemporary forms that are relevant for this day and age, pushing forward the knowledge from the past and transmitting his appreciation for craftsmanship to a wider audience who also appreciate modern design and simplicity.

One of the interesting elements about his work is to see how these fit in to some of the more spiritual and architectural environments in Japan. Often such simplicity is needed in these spaces to not clutter or distract from the overall appearance, especially in temples where everything has to be condensed and hidden from sight. These are cohesive and offer an atmosphere that is harmonious and “at one”. I hope you like this small selection seen here and will view more pieces on his portfolio linked below.

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