Back in at OEN Shop – Lipped Vessel & Lunch Box by Woodworker Maiko Okuno

I’ve been trying to spread the deliveries from the craftsmen in to smaller chunks, rather than one big order all the time. Hopefully this gives customers more of a chance to purchase the different pieces on a regular basis. The lipped lacquer vessel and lacquer lunch box are two very special objects from Maiko Okuno, both of which are crafted by hand at her studio in Ishikawa prefecture.

If you haven’t seen the feature on Maiko Okuno’s studio I would highly recommend it as it gives an insight in to her workshop and you get an idea of her talent as a woodworker. Both of these objects are now available in the shop, but since they are limited I’m not sure how long they will be in stock. We will be in Japan from the 20th of October, so you may need to order before then to guarantee delivery, otherwise we be sending out all parcels from the second week of October onwards. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

In the shop: Lipped Lacquer Vessel and Lacquer Lunch Box by Maiko Okuno

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