Glass Vessels and Paperweights by Studio Prepa at OEN Shop


New work from Studio Prepa doesn’t come around all that often. Some collections come in quicker than others, but due to popularity in their native country of Japan both Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira try their best to accommodate our needs and make a new selection a few times a year. When we do refresh their collection I always admire their originality, producing quirky objects that are well-made, full of character and, most importantly, fun.

One object that has all of these traits is the quirky glass paperweight. This time I asked the glassblowing duo if they would make us a special blue edition for the shop, and they were more than happy to collaborate on such an object. What was produced reminds me of a water drop or a smooth stone in a zen garden, it’s also nice that they’re not perfectly round and each has its own shape and sizing. Truly unique!

So today I present you a few photographs of these new items, and I hope you will give them a browse in the shop by following the link below. We’ve also restocked some other favourites from Studio Prepa such as the Black Katakuchi, White Katakuchi and Clear Paperweight. Get them while you still can.

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