Tumblers & Sketchbooks by Makr at OEN shop

New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop front

You may have seen me mention previously about our newly configured feature pages, I’ve been slowly refreshing them, particularly the older ones like the Makr interview that was put together in 2011 (wow, hasn’t time flown by). Last week we received a fresh shipment in the store from the American studio and I’m pleased to share some of the new arrivals here, it’s great to see this workshop mature and progress as a company and branch out in to other product categories. It often feels like they’re on a similar journey to us in regards to their interests and inspirations.

Founded by Jason Gregory, Makr have been busy pursuing simplicity and functionality in their product line since 2005. It’s only recently that they’ve decided to produce furniture and tableware, alongside their fantastic line of bags and wallets. Their commitment to quality really struck a chord with me when we first stocked their collection and they have stayed true to this philosophy throughout the years. Jason and his team are not only inspired by traditional design, they also want to make sure that their hand made products are stripped down, leaving only the essentials so that the item stays fresh and modern.

This time we decided to stock a small selection of hand turned tumblers that they’ve recently designed at their studio in Winter Park, Florida. First is a beautiful tapered copper version, seen below, and a large white tumbler that’s made of aluminium. Both shapes are suitable for drinking and will certainly get better with age. Alongside that we have some new hand stitched bags and wallets, in my opinion some of the finest around, and a notebook that’s perfect for artists, architects and designers. We hope you enjoy this selection and will take a browse in the shop.

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New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop 2

New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop 1

New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop 3


New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop 5

New Handmade Goods by Makr at OEN shop 7


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