Kashiwan Series – Handmade Oak Bowls by Kihachi Workshop at OEN Shop


I’m patiently waiting for some new works to arrive in the store by some very popular makers, one of those being Naotsugu Yoshida and the other Keiichi Tanaka. I’ve also been constructing a special feature that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy, so keep you eyes open for that too.

This week it occurred to me that I’ve never formally introduced a series of bowls by Kihachi workshop. This grouping named ‘Kashiwan’ is one that I particularly like, which means ‘Oak bowl’ in Japanese. We currently stock four of these in the store, all of them are made in the same wood but have unique shapes and surface markings. Singularly they are very eye catching, but as a series they’re even more impressive.

So as their was some nice light I decided to capture a few new shots with my camera. I’m also going to update the photographs on the shop since we just received a new selection last month. We hope you have a great weekend and will keep your eyes open for the new content coming very soon.

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