New at OEN Shop – A Selection of Glassware by Japanese Craftsman Yuki Osako

I’m excited to receive a new selection of works from long-awaited craftsman Yuki Osako. She was a popular addition and has been very busy working on a number of projects in Japan. This time I tried my best to stock up a little, also trying to represent other works that I think sum up her collection nicely.

Finely handcrafted at her studio in Kanazawa, Yuki’s work is thin but weighty at the same time. There’s a real sense of craftsmanship when you pick up these pieces. I could say that these are possibly some of the most beautiful glassworks that I have ever held. Quite a strong statement but one that I think needs to be said to truly convey the beauty of them.

Anyway, enough talking! Here are a selection of photos. All of the products have now been uploaded and will be available via the link below. We hope you have a great weekend.

Click here to shop a selection of glassware by Yuki Osako →


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