New at OEN Shop – Brass & Aluminium Objects by Craftsman Naho Kamada

Japanese metalworker Naho Kamada had been on our radar for a number of years, so when we received her beautiful objects early last year we were very pleased to see the great reception they had in the shop. I’ve been inundated with requests for information regarding when they will arrive again, so with that in mind I wanted to write this post today to showcase her new collection of work.

Naho was born in Kumamoto but now lives and works in Tokyo. She uses her background as a painter, oil painting specifically, to assist her metalwork, thinking about the gradient in the metal and how she can shape these objects with a certain aesthetic.

This selection features restocks of her work from before as well as some newer additions. Naho is a very talented metalworker who produces only the finest objects by hand, so we hope you will enjoy browsing this selection of art in the shop. Have a nice weekend.

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