New at OEN Shop – Brass Coffee Measure by Ruka Kikuchi of Lue Brass


The blog has been quite ‘art’ heavy over the last month, I’m not sure exactly where this has come from but it’s probably been my own experimentation in the field of ceramics. Especially as I’ve been focusing quite heavily on different shades of colour. Saying that, in the background I’ve still been updating the shop with new stock, this week being work by metalworker Ruka Kikuchi, aka Lue Brass.

He’s kindly made a new selection for the shop, including a restock of the popular Small and Large Ladle, but I’ve also had a chance to spend some time with the Coffee Measure that I’m showcasing here today. It’s a weighty spoon with a nice thin handle that’s been welded on to the scoop. Out of all of the objects by Ruka this one has a lot of detail, little hammer marks running down the handle and obvious signs of where the scoop has been crafted.

All of these lead to an object that’s not only interesting but also shaped to fit the hand, and is a real pleasure to use on a daily basis. As the name suggests these would be perfect for tea or coffee, and would make a nice little gift for someone this Christmas. Check out Lue’s objects in the shop now, he’s quite the talent.

View metalworks by Lue Brass in the shop →







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