New at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Yuichiro and Satoko Suzuki of Inima Pottery

It can be difficult at times to convey the actual feeling behind the works through a computer screen but I’m always working on new ways in which to do it. When I picked up and used the work of husband and wife duo Yuichiro and Satoko Suzuki of Inima Pottery for the first time the aesthetic made sense as they are all contemporary in muted colours with a rustic twist. I thought it would sit perfectly with our current selection.

With this new shipment I was able to balance out the collection a little and stock works from both potters, Yuichiro specialises in making forms from a white stoneware and Satoko Suzuki from other coloured clays. I’m especially in awe of the cocoa collection that we stock in a bowl, mug, saucer and plate made by Yuichiro. They have some unique textures in the glaze and are sure to look beautiful together as part of a series.

Anyway, here are a few photos that I took of the new work which are now available to view on the Inima Pottery collection page in the shop. We hope you like them and will have a browse. The photos will be updated throughout the week but I wanted to get them out to you first here on the blog.

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