New at OEN Shop – Chopsticks & Tea Boxes by the Craftsmen at Studio KUKU

After the exciting announcement last week of Shinobu Hashimoto’s new work, I’m also waiting patiently to highlight the work of a few makers who have been absent from the store for a while. Hopefully from January onwards I will be able to tell you more, but today I wanted to highlight some new chopsticks and restocks from the Japanese craftsmen at Studio KUKU.

Studio KUKU make tableware and furniture at their studio in Nagano, inspired by the nature surrounding the studio. The Black Urushi Chopsticks were a very popular addition to the store last time, so we have restocked some more of those and have also added some with a Brown Urushi coating too. I thought I would place a few pictures up here of those and their tea boxes for you to enjoy.

As a side note, there’s not long left before our Christmas shipping deadline arrives. If you haven’t ordered any gifts that you want yet we reccomend you do so in the next few days as we will be closing the shop around the 20th of December until early January. Any problems please feel free to email us and we will try our best to speed up the shipping process.

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