New at OEN Shop – Horn Spoons Handmade by Danish Makers Hornvarefabrikken

I’ve been trying my best to expand on the collections that we sell and offer more of an extensive array of products from each maker. It’s not easy though, especially considering the time it takes for the craftsmen to make each product and that the availability is often restricted. Recently I decided to focus on Hornvarefabrikken, the small workshop in Denmark that crafts tableware from horn.

I really liked their focus on sustainability and also the small family business vibe that comes from their company. Now that we are expanding the range it’s great to see how all the objects look together and how they could work as a collection rather than just as individual objects.

This time we added the Horn Tea Measure, Horn Olive Spoon, and Horn Marmalade Spoon to the Hornvarefabrikken page. If you have some time today why not check it out and see all the pieces grouped together. Maybe there is something that interests you. All the best and speak soon!

Click here to see new hornware by Hornvarefabrikken →


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