New at OEN Shop – Teapots, Cups, Bowls and Vases by Shinobu Hashimoto

If you’re interested in craft and aesthetics you would have noticed the different styles that exist depending on country and origin of the work. You can even go as far as to say that a certain area in a country can have a particular style which is a trademark of that area, and I often see it in the Japanese ceramics that we stock.

Hokkaido is situated on the tip of Japan, a mountainous area and is very cold and snowy in winter months. I think this nature and aesthetic feeds itself in the pottery originating in this area, many of the colours are two toned and feature rustic elements that nod to this. A real master of this aesthetic is Shinobu Hashimoto, a Japanese potter based in Sapporo.

We received a selection of new works from him this week and we’re proud to present them here. More can be seen on the shop linked below. Enjoy.

Click here to shop new ceramics by Shinobu Hashimoto here →

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