New in the Shop – Glassware by Japanese Craftsman Mitsui Takeyoshi

Although I feel as though there’s been a strong movement in Europe and America to support more craftsmen, which Instagram can be partly thanked for, there’s always been a steady flow of younger Japanese craftsmen in the background making quietly without too much publicity.

Mitsui Takeyoshi is a glassworker who I spotted last year and have been communicating with often to see if we can represent his work in the shop. I’m so pleased to showcase his glassware as Mitsui’s style is exactly in line with our ethos, showcasing his young energetic attitude toward design and how this ability can be combined with craftsmanship to make very powerful work.

Anyway, I want to let these pieces speak for themselves. If you’re looking for special glass objects that are both functional and pieces of art then look no further than these forms handmade by Mitsui Takeyoshi.

Click here to see these works by Mitsui Takeyoshi ⟶