New in the Shop – Handcrafted Iron Work by Readymade Products

Manufactured in Fukuoka, Japan are these beautiful cast iron pots branded under the name Readymade Products, a project that’s led by designer Izumi Yoshida. The Yoshida Mould Factory, founded by Izumi’s grandfather in 1934, produces casting moulds for all types of industrial uses and the Readymade Product line is Izumi’s interpretation of a modern and minimal line that she believes will stand the test of time and slot nicely in to any home.

The wooden moulds are carved by hand by master craftsmen. Sand moulds are then moulded to get a high level of accuracy in the production process. Each has a handmade character and warmth that other iron pots fail to achieve. A series of functional objects that are sure to last a lifetime.

To go with the collection of Weekender Pots, which are perfect for cooking food in, they have also released the Weekender Kettle that comes with a beautiful wooden handle. The complete collection can be seen on the link below.

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