New in the Shop – Handmade Glassware by Saki Fujimoto

Glass has wonderful properties. Being able to layer colour, creating unique tones and textures that react with light is the envy of all other makers. It’s still a very hard technique to get right, especially factoring in the light as you really are relying on nature to supply it. Of course, that’s part of the beauty. The ever changing nature.

Saki Fujimoto is a talented Japanese glass artist based in Toyama, a city known for its glass making. Inspired by Venetian glass when living in Italy as a child, Fujimoto followed the path to become a glass artist and now specialises in kiln work.

By using powdered coloured glass, sandwiching this between sheets of clear glass, she is able to make cloudy colours that mimic watercolour paintings. Beautiful tableware that sit between functional and artistic. We welcome her work in our store via the link below. Enjoy.

Click here to see glassware by Saki Fujimoto ⟶