New in the Shop – Sculptural Woodwork by Japanese Studio IPPEN

That unique space between art and function is one of the most interesting aspects of craft. Of course, set shapes may be used as a framework for production, but the qualities of producing by hand leaves small markings or traces that add warmth and character to an object.

IPPEN is a Japanese studio consisting of husband and wife duo Sato Yoshitaka and Aki Nakajima. Their focus is the production of these bud vases that experiment with architectural forms, scratching away at the surface of their objects to leave rustic markings and textures that are not too perfect or overly considered.

This crossover of disciplines is so appealing and I think they have brought out the best in these objects that we are now proud to present in our shop. These are art objects to cherish for a lifetime, with every piece being one of a kind.

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