New in the Shop – The Art of Monozukuri Expressed by Metalworkers SyuRo

On the face of it the Japanese word ‘Monozukuri’ means literally “to make things” in Japanese. But the relationship between human and object is much stronger than one might first assume.

The appreciation for hand techniques, craftsmanship, and ethic are all wrapped in to this one word. A workshop paying particular attention to this concept and way of thinking is SyuRo, located just on the outskirts of Tokyo. Founded by Masuko Unayama in 2000, her goal has been to champion everyday objects.

This perfectly aligned with Masuko’s shop as her native district of Torigoe is so well known as a location for classic typesetters, canning factories, cloth wholesalers, and hardware stores. Masuko used these small dedicated businesses to craft objects for the new generation and push forward the idea of ‘Monozukuri’.

See our collection of cans and metal objects handcrafted in Japan by SyuRo. These are sure to get better with age!

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