New Maker at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Potter Yumiko Yasufuku

We’ve mainly received refreshes from the craftsmen that we stock, but I’ve been patiently waiting to highlight the new work of a very talented Japanese potter that resides in Gifu, Japan. Her name is Yumiko Yasufuku and not only did her story intrigue me, I was also in awe of her aesthetic and how she’s able to make works that are slightly rustic but still contemporary.

Yumiko is trained as an interior designer but later went on to open a cafe in Gifu city in 2013, this quaint cafe used both of her skills as a chef matched with the pottery she made as a hobby to coincide with the food. Due to the popularity of the pottery she opened a small studio in Gifu and now makes for various galleries in Japan, we are lucky enough to stock a selection outside of Japan.

It’s interesting to trace all the different inspirations behind her work and I truly think she’s been able to make functional tableware that compliments different foods and textures very nicely. Here are some photos of her works, the whole collection can be found now in the shop.

Featured here: Rustic Black Circle Tray, Rustic Black Bowl, Blue Rectangle Dish, Blue Segmented Dish, Rustic Black Square Dish, Rustic Black Oval Dish, Black Small Segmented Dish, Rustic Small Blue Bowl, Rustic Small Black Bowl

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